The Benefits

People handle ambiguous data efficiently. We use human language to describe our wants, needs, and desires and others are able to parse the language and determine how to react. As good as we are with processing ambiguous data, we aren’t good at dealing with lots of numbers and difficult calculations.

The converse is true with computers. Computers don't handle ambiguity well, but are really good at dealing with lots of numbers and difficult calculations.

Augmented Intelligence is the process of finding and executing the optimum mix between work that computers do and the work that people do to best solve a complex problem.

The data input into the Augmented Intelligence process is derived from spoken and written information through unstructured text analytics as well as structured data found in relational databases, tables, data streams, etc.

All these concepts working together forms a powerful system with the potential to transform your business.

The Process

The first step in utilizing Augmented Intelligence is framing the Question. Our process of linking Critical Thinking to Sense Making leads to more efficient use of man and machine.

Understanding the facts necessary to answer tactical or strategic questions drives the development of the necessary tooling. Leverage people's capabilities with machine capabilities - synergy is the goal.

The business view of our process is simple - merge market effect information with your internal process information to propel your organization to the next state. These definitions help identify performance indicators to measure the outcomes.

Once this greater view is understood and measured, the internal process is as follows:

  1. Define questions
  2. Identify data sources
  3. Create decision rules
  4. Transform data
  5. Assess data
  6. Score data

The above process is repeated to refine the process.